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Cronbi Camera Style – Contax TVS, Leica Minilux

Cronbi Camera Style – Nikon FG

Authenticity and an aperture chameleon

Not usually my thing, this. It’s a bit heavy handed, a bit over the top, but I was playing with the Silver Efex Pro photoshop plugin and found a variation on the ‘Antique Plate II’ setting really suited the rendering and content of this image, because it appears plausibly authentic.  Or does it? It’s not […]

Leica M8 firmware update 2.whoopdedoo.014

New firmware for the M8?  Excitement!  Miracle. Total listed improvements: Support of the new lens “Leica Super-Elmar-M 21mm/f3.4” Optimization of internal processes Wow.  A new lookup for a $2k lens I’ll never own to correct for corner shading. If Leica can’t expand on ‘optimization of internal processes’, I’m guessing nobody else will have a clue […]