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Category Archives: Workflow

The Cronbi Daybooks, Weekend of 1st/2nd October

An observation: my blog posts thus far have been too infrequent, too ofter over 1000 words and too keen to be important or about something specific. In the style of Weston’s ‘daybooks’, I think I’m going to post more entries just jotting down what I’ve been up to, photographically. This weekend I had the flat […]

Authenticity and an aperture chameleon

Not usually my thing, this. It’s a bit heavy handed, a bit over the top, but I was playing with the Silver Efex Pro photoshop plugin and found a variation on the ‘Antique Plate II’ setting really suited the rendering and content of this image, because it appears plausibly authentic.  Or does it? It’s not […]

Film off to the lab. What’s wrong with this picture?

I just sent this…(what is the collective noun for rolls of film?  A pile? A stash? A fridge load? A Winogrand? A Garry!)…Garry of film off to Peak Processing.  Look no further if you’re after a top-quality postal lab in the UK.  Their film processing prices are pretty reasonable, and their quality, consistency and speed […]