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Category Archives: Street

Vivian Maier at Photofusion

The Vivian Maier ‘discovery’ story has been covered by The New York Times, TIME Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, the BBC and The Guardian, to name but a few. That’s an illustrious list of media giants, and would be impressive for any artist, let alone a photographer, and especially a ‘street’ photographer. Something about her […]

London Street Photography, London Street Photographers

The photographs in London Street Photography at The London Musuem are presented in a single large room, in a single continuous line.  I like that.  It took me twenty minutes to recognise the presentation, however, as I was so engrossed by the images that I didn’t look more than a single image ahead of me […]

Street Photography is… street photography does. Nick Turpin, of In-Public fame (and, as I once saw him described, ‘the Simon Cowell of modern street photography’) has an interesting crowd-sourced project/experiment/gallery on the go.  Called ‘The Best Street Photograph Ever’, it allows the upload and rating of street photographs, and the highly rated ones bubble to the top. […]

Brighton, Photographically

It was not a good start to the day. The Southern Trains 90% special offer to Brighton was negated by my own special offer to world – retardation. I had looked up the train time the night before. I had looked at the departure board in plenty of time. But still I was convinced that […]

Yellow Vest Man strikes again

I can’t work out whether he was being considerate or predatory, but he waited until I’d tripped the shutter before pouncing. I could see him out of the corner of my eye as I looked down into the waist-level finder, waiting for the figure to reach the plain of focus.  As soon as the shot […]

Streetsnap – CCTV

Shot from the hip, drive-by stylee.