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Category Archives: Shooting

Ireland Trip Notes

Photography was a distant third in the reasons for me being in Ireland for nine nights. Or, to be clearer, it wasn’t a reason at all for being in Ireland, but I managed to retrofit it as one. Which I suppose makes it more of an excuse than a reason, or maybe just an incidental […]

Contact Sheets are Good and Good For You, William Klein

A great YouTube video was highlighted on PetaPixel this morning. It is one of the most stimulating online photographic discoveries I’ve stumbled upon in months.  William Klein introduces a contact sheet, and we scroll over a handful of frames: the sequence, the progression. He describes more than the difference between compositions; he tells the story […]

Brighton, Photographically

It was not a good start to the day. The Southern Trains 90% special offer to Brighton was negated by my own special offer to world – retardation. I had looked up the train time the night before. I had looked at the departure board in plenty of time. But still I was convinced that […]

Yellow Vest Man strikes again

I can’t work out whether he was being considerate or predatory, but he waited until I’d tripped the shutter before pouncing. I could see him out of the corner of my eye as I looked down into the waist-level finder, waiting for the figure to reach the plain of focus.  As soon as the shot […]

Paris, Photographically

I spent two nights in Paris this past weekend with a few chums. Theoretically, the reason was to see the conclusion of the Tour de France, but actually it was an excuse to drink and take photos, although not at the same time, and not necessarily in that order. At the last minute I decided […]