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Category Archives: Leica

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of the recent Leica announcements

I’ve taken some time to absorb the specs, the prices, the intentions, and the implications of the recent Leica product announcements, and have distilled them into this pithy good/bad/ugly form. Enjoy, ignore, whatever. Leica M Monochrom The Good – The sensor, the sensor, the sensor; a black-and-white sensor. This is great news. All that filter-induced […]

Farewell to two Leicas

Leica prices seem to be rising, so it makes sense to hang onto those red dotted light-tight joy boxes, but finances (truthfully: other purchases) have forced my hand.  I’ve just said farewell to two Leica Ms.  Since getting my mitts on an MP, I haven’t put any film through either of these, so it seemed […]

Authenticity and an aperture chameleon

Not usually my thing, this. It’s a bit heavy handed, a bit over the top, but I was playing with the Silver Efex Pro photoshop plugin and found a variation on the ‘Antique Plate II’ setting really suited the rendering and content of this image, because it appears plausibly authentic.  Or does it? It’s not […]

Leica M8 firmware update 2.whoopdedoo.014

New firmware for the M8?  Excitement!  Miracle. Total listed improvements: Support of the new lens “Leica Super-Elmar-M 21mm/f3.4” Optimization of internal processes Wow.  A new lookup for a $2k lens I’ll never own to correct for corner shading. If Leica can’t expand on ‘optimization of internal processes’, I’m guessing nobody else will have a clue […]