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Category Archives: Film

The Death of Film – A Dream

I had a dream last night that can only be about the death of film. Myself and a group of photographers – some young, some old – met in the foyer of a shiny skyscraper.  Me were introduced to a besuited a host who led us into a lift, then a cable car that took […]

My Film/Digital Schizophrenia, Part I

Film Me: Man, film – you’ve got to love it. So physical, tactile, chemical, magical. Not to mention archival. I’m just going to shoot film for a while. Digital Me: You mean: fiddly, messy, temperamental? Digital is clean, sharp, infinitely controllable, infinitely reproducible, instant. I think I’m going to shoot digital and leave the past […]

Contact Sheets are Good and Good For You, William Klein

A great YouTube video was highlighted on PetaPixel this morning. It is one of the most stimulating online photographic discoveries I’ve stumbled upon in months.  William Klein introduces a contact sheet, and we scroll over a handful of frames: the sequence, the progression. He describes more than the difference between compositions; he tells the story […]

Note to self: shoot some FP-3000B

My semi-regular film stocktaking session is long overdue. But one thing is clear: I have enough FP-3000B. This stash is enough to see me through at least a year, maybe two.  I have a converted Polaroid 110A rangefinder that can take 100-series pack films, and high speed film comes in very handy when shooting the […]

Film off to the lab. What’s wrong with this picture?

I just sent this…(what is the collective noun for rolls of film?  A pile? A stash? A fridge load? A Winogrand? A Garry!)…Garry of film off to Peak Processing.  Look no further if you’re after a top-quality postal lab in the UK.  Their film processing prices are pretty reasonable, and their quality, consistency and speed […]