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Category Archives: Equipment Angst

Let Us Now Praise Camera Repairmen

I am delighted to say I’ve just had three cameras repaired to satisfaction: Leica M2 – rangefinder was way, way out. Peter at CRR Luton realigned the rangefinder prisms. Hexar RF – rangefinder was way, way out. Kamera Service in the Netherlands were able to fix it. Bronica RF645 – Camera was electronically dead, and […]

Inaugural Camera Confessional

I refer the reader to post #2 of this here blog, where your humble photographer friend asked: “Will writing about camera gear allow me to more easily say goodbye to under-used equipment or cause me to seek out new items for future blog posts?” I think I knew at the time I was deluding myself […]

Projects of the Secondary Kind

I’ll call these ‘hardware projects’ or ‘camera projects’ or ‘gear projects’ to differentiate them from the projects I should be thinking about and discussing – photographic projects (shooting plans, editing and image series, printmaking).  But nothing takes my mind off troubles (such as rioting) better than thinking about camera gear. Here I list the projects […]

A new ‘leader’, thrice purchased

I have bought dozens of cameras in the last ten years, but here are the camera models I have bought twice: Olympus XA – A design classic, a compact gem.  I dropped my first one in berlin, and the shutter wouldn’t close until the clamshell was shut. The replacement’s RF patch is quite weak, which […]

Farewell to two Leicas

Leica prices seem to be rising, so it makes sense to hang onto those red dotted light-tight joy boxes, but finances (truthfully: other purchases) have forced my hand.  I’ve just said farewell to two Leica Ms.  Since getting my mitts on an MP, I haven’t put any film through either of these, so it seemed […]