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Category Archives: Cameras

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of the recent Leica announcements

I’ve taken some time to absorb the specs, the prices, the intentions, and the implications of the recent Leica product announcements, and have distilled them into this pithy good/bad/ugly form. Enjoy, ignore, whatever. Leica M Monochrom The Good – The sensor, the sensor, the sensor; a black-and-white sensor. This is great news. All that filter-induced […]

How It All Started (Contax 139, 2001)

This week sees the tenth anniversary of my serious relationship with photography. The spark of interest had occurred six months previously, during an afternoon physics practical at university. Armed with a manual SLR and some black and white film, we conducted various photographic experiments. In that one short period I had been given an introduction […]

Let Us Now Praise Camera Repairmen

I am delighted to say I’ve just had three cameras repaired to satisfaction: Leica M2 – rangefinder was way, way out. Peter at CRR Luton realigned the rangefinder prisms. Hexar RF – rangefinder was way, way out. Kamera Service in the Netherlands were able to fix it. Bronica RF645 – Camera was electronically dead, and […]