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Harrison Cronbi is a photographic artist, printmaker, camera diviner, dreamweaver, photophilosopher and photovisionary. He shoots, he prints, he blogs, he tweets, he hopes, he dreams.

He can be followed on twitter for your amusement: @HarrisonCronbi.

He has an email address which is HarrisonCronbi at the ubiquitous gmail dotcom.

Some facts about Harrison Cronbi:

  • Harrison Cronbi doesn’t crop his photos, but sometimes reverse-crops to include more than was recorded on the film
  • Harrison Cronbi doesn’t use flash, but sometimes uses his smile as a reflector
  • Harrison Cronbi doesn’t use a motordrive, but his thumb operates at 8fps
  • Harrison Cronbi doesn’t use a stop bath, he just licks the developer off his negs
  • Harrison Cronbi doesn’t use a light meter, he just counts the photons as they strike his retina
  • Harrison Cronbi doesn’t shoot in colour, he is red-green colourblind following an operation to replace half his eyes’ cones with rods to improve his low-light sensitivity
  • Harrison Cronbi doesn’t need another Guggenheim, he blew the last one on a rare lens hood

Harrison Cronbi is the laughably bad nomme d’appareil de photo of Robin C. Harrison.