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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Ok, That’s Quite Enough of That

That was a bit of an experiment. I tried an import of my recently started tumblr “Cronbi Camera Style” into this here blog. There’s a good reason that Tumblr does what Tumblr does and WordPress does what WordPress does. The right tool for the job, etc. Anyway, at least it provided a little filler in […]

Cronbi Camera Style – Polaroid Four Designs Professional Camera Classic

Cronbi Camera Style – Nikon D80

Cronbi Camera Style – Konica Hexar RF

Cronbi Camera Style – Contax TVS, Leica Minilux

Cronbi Camera Style – Nikon FG

Cronbi Camera Style – Nikon F3

Cronbi Camera Style – Bronica RF645

Cronbi Camera Style – Contax 139 Quartz

How It All Started (Contax 139, 2001)

This week sees the tenth anniversary of my serious relationship with photography. The spark of interest had occurred six months previously, during an afternoon physics practical at university. Armed with a manual SLR and some black and white film, we conducted various photographic experiments. In that one short period I had been given an introduction […]