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The Cronbi Daybooks, Weekend of 1st/2nd October

An observation: my blog posts thus far have been too infrequent, too ofter over 1000 words and too keen to be important or about something specific. In the style of Weston’s ‘daybooks’, I think I’m going to post more entries just jotting down what I’ve been up to, photographically.

This weekend I had the flat to myself, and I spend a great number of hours with my negatives. Listening to music or having some crappy movie on TV, I went through the latest batch of film I had processed (about 15 rolls of 120, 15 rolls of 35mm), and marked the sleeves with an ID, the date, location, and camera used.  Then, with a loupe and a completely inadequate lightbox, I went through and marked those frames worthy of scanning.  Typically this was between three and six frames for each 12-on-120 roll, and between four and eight frames for each 36-on-35mm roll. That’s a big difference in hit-rate that I need to ponder.

I really need an assistant for the scanning part of the process, as I rarely find the time. Martin Parr has at least two guys right now working on scanning this archive; jealousy doesn’t fully cover my feelings about this. Going forward, I want to incorporate the production of large contact sheets into my film shooting workflow, as they are infinitely more useful and pleasant to view when it comes to identifying which shot is on which roll.  Once my improved lightbox arrives, I will shoot the negative strips on a digital camera, then print at A3 size on some cheapy matte paper I have a long roll of.  This will produce a document that will be perfect for annotating with post-processing/cropping ideas.

Also this weekend, I spent a pleasant couple of hours with the new Kertesz monograph, accompanied by Dizzy Gillespie and Quincy Jones piped through my always-puts-a-smile-on-my-face Grado RS-1 headphones. I was determined not to make this’s first book review ever since featured it, but I may go back on that decision since discovering it may be amongst my very favourite photography books.  It’s that good.

I uploaded six photos to my 500px which received a decent level of interest/voting/commenting. One shot has made it up to a 64.9 rating, and I think will be the subject of a future post ‘In Defence of Cropping’.

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