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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Let Us Now Praise Camera Repairmen

I am delighted to say I’ve just had three cameras repaired to satisfaction: Leica M2 – rangefinder was way, way out. Peter at CRR Luton realigned the rangefinder prisms. Hexar RF – rangefinder was way, way out. Kamera Service in the Netherlands were able to fix it. Bronica RF645 – Camera was electronically dead, and […]

An Unreserved Recommendation – LensWork eBooks

Apologies, dear blog followers, for the period of silence. I took myself off to Rhodes for a week of R&R. Making a conscious decision to not leave the hotel/villa/spa complex, the photographic opportunities were limited.  This was fine, expected. But the week off was not a waste, photographically, such was the impact I felt from […]

The Death of Film – A Dream

I had a dream last night that can only be about the death of film. Myself and a group of photographers – some young, some old – met in the foyer of a shiny skyscraper.  Me were introduced to a besuited a host who led us into a lift, then a cable car that took […]

10 Unique Photographic Visual Phenomena

Great minds have debated the ‘photography as art’ issue. I’m not going to touch on that. And various theorists have no doubt pondered the differences if cognitive function when taking an instantaneous and reproducible photograph compared to spending weeks on creating a single oil painting. I’m not going to go there either. All I’m going […]

The Cronbi Daybooks, Weekend of 8th/9th October

These daybook entries were supposed to be little extras, fillers, not adjacent and consecutive posts.  It’s make or break time for this blog.  I think I need to up the post rate to at least three a week if I want readership to grow. My prime source of traffic at the moment? Google searches for […]

The Cronbi Daybooks, Weekend of 1st/2nd October

An observation: my blog posts thus far have been too infrequent, too ofter over 1000 words and too keen to be important or about something specific. In the style of Weston’s ‘daybooks’, I think I’m going to post more entries just jotting down what I’ve been up to, photographically. This weekend I had the flat […]