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Monthly Archives: September 2011

My Film/Digital Schizophrenia, Part I

Film Me: Man, film – you’ve got to love it. So physical, tactile, chemical, magical. Not to mention archival. I’m just going to shoot film for a while. Digital Me: You mean: fiddly, messy, temperamental? Digital is clean, sharp, infinitely controllable, infinitely reproducible, instant. I think I’m going to shoot digital and leave the past […]

Quick take on the new Nikon 1 system

Huzzah! A brace of new camera announcements! Nay – a whole new camera system announcement. Plus lenses. And accessories. Take your pick of the major digicam news sites for the details (dpreview is my favoured definitive source). Nikon has bestowed upon us the V1 and the J1. My sentiment? Mild to medium disappointment, with growing flecks […]

How Many Photons in a Photograph?

We photographers deal in photons, those baffling quanta of light. But just how many photons does it take to make a photo, to expose a single 35mm negative? Let’s assume an arbitrary exposure at EV13, which is 1/1000 @ f5.6, ISO 400.  And let’s assume we are taking the worlds most boring photograph – a […]

Vivian Maier at Photofusion

The Vivian Maier ‘discovery’ story has been covered by The New York Times, TIME Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, the BBC and The Guardian, to name but a few. That’s an illustrious list of media giants, and would be impressive for any artist, let alone a photographer, and especially a ‘street’ photographer. Something about her […]

Contact Sheets are Good and Good For You, William Klein

A great YouTube video was highlighted on PetaPixel this morning. It is one of the most stimulating online photographic discoveries I’ve stumbled upon in months.  William Klein introduces a contact sheet, and we scroll over a handful of frames: the sequence, the progression. He describes more than the difference between compositions; he tells the story […]