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Projects of the Secondary Kind

I’ll call these ‘hardware projects’ or ‘camera projects’ or ‘gear projects’ to differentiate them from the projects I should be thinking about and discussing – photographic projects (shooting plans, editing and image series, printmaking).  But nothing takes my mind off troubles (such as rioting) better than thinking about camera gear.

Here I list the projects I’m working on. That is they’ve gone from stage one (idea) to at least stage two (research, obtain parts). If you ever see any of these featured in full posts, they have gone further than my intuition and self-knowledge informs me they will.

  • Hexar RF rangefinder adjustment – I think this is beyond me.  I have the camera topless, but my screwdriver wielding is too crude. The vertical alignment is out by the height of the rangefinder patch. I think something (a shim, a spacer) has popped out from somewhere and affected the orientation of the mechanism.
  • Scanner-cam – Ingredients: Cheap netbook, USB powered scanner, piece of 10×8 ground glass, Soviet 300mm f4.5 large format glass.
  • Fastest Lens in the West – Ingredients: 50mm f0.75 (zero-point-seven-five) Rayxar lens, micro four-thirds body cap, E-P2 with VF-2.
  • Homemade waist-level finder – I have extracted the ‘super scope’ waist-level finder from a Yashica T3, and now need to mount it on an appropriate hotshoe. I’ve ordered a few cheap bubble-level hotshoe attachments form Hong Kong which should fit the bill.
  • Wideangle Polaroid camera – Ingredients: Polaroid 250, 65mm f6.8 lens.  I need to work out how to mount the lens and how to build a crude focussing helicoid.
  • £50 Full Frame Digital – Ingredients: Yashica FX-3, Contax right-angle finder, high resolution ground glass screen, Canon A560. You do the math. I have actually got this working as a ‘desktop proof of concept’, but haven’t got a good solution for a) fixing camera A to camera B securely and accurately, and b) synchronising the shutters.


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