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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Inaugural Camera Confessional

I refer the reader to post #2 of this here blog, where your humble photographer friend asked: “Will writing about camera gear allow me to more easily say goodbye to under-used equipment or cause me to seek out new items for future blog posts?” I think I knew at the time I was deluding myself […]

London Street Photography, London Street Photographers

The photographs in London Street Photography at The London Musuem are presented in a single large room, in a single continuous line.  I like that.  It took me twenty minutes to recognise the presentation, however, as I was so engrossed by the images that I didn’t look more than a single image ahead of me […]

Thomas Struth: Photographs 1978-2010

Before hearing of this show at the Whitechapel Gallery, I hadn’t come across much work of Thomas Struth. This is the first major UK retrospective from ‘one of the most important photographers of the second half of the 20th century’.  (That quote is from memory; they more likely used the term ‘photographic artist’ instead of […]

Street Photography is… street photography does. Nick Turpin, of In-Public fame (and, as I once saw him described, ‘the Simon Cowell of modern street photography’) has an interesting crowd-sourced project/experiment/gallery on the go.  Called ‘The Best Street Photograph Ever’, it allows the upload and rating of street photographs, and the highly rated ones bubble to the top. […]

Projects of the Secondary Kind

I’ll call these ‘hardware projects’ or ‘camera projects’ or ‘gear projects’ to differentiate them from the projects I should be thinking about and discussing – photographic projects (shooting plans, editing and image series, printmaking).  But nothing takes my mind off troubles (such as rioting) better than thinking about camera gear. Here I list the projects […]

Brighton, Photographically

It was not a good start to the day. The Southern Trains 90% special offer to Brighton was negated by my own special offer to world – retardation. I had looked up the train time the night before. I had looked at the departure board in plenty of time. But still I was convinced that […]

Mini review – The Royal Photographic Society’s 154th International Print Exhibition

Yesterday I made it along to the Royal Photographic Society’s 154th International Print Exhibition. It’s currently showing in the sponsor’s swanky building’s foyer on the south edge of Spitalfields market. The images on display were of an impressive standard, and of an even more impressive diversity.  Represented were: portraiture, sports, still-life, street photography, architecture, industrial, […]