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Measures of blog success

I don’t recall the full expansion of the SMART acronym used in goal setting, nor do I care to.  I’m pretty confident about Measurable and Realistic components.  I think Timed is probably a fair bet.  That’ll do for now.  I’m keen to set some measures of success for this blog, some goals.  Time?  All of these are on a one year horizon. Measurable?  Yes, all of them (but I need to finalise the ‘gear’ metric) .  Realistic?  Without commenting too heavily on my lack of self-discipline or my tendency to retrospectively twist tasks to suit my will, they all come under the category of ‘achievable by a sane semi-skilled competent human’.


  • Write 200 posts, of a varied nature (see first post)
  • Create at least one print-on-demand book
  • Sell 25 prints (I have radical plans for this)
  • Make 150 work prints (I will not put up for sale any photo I have not made a work print of)
  • Have work published in at least one magazine
  • Reduce amount of gear (cameras and lenses, maybe measured by net income from gear sales/purchases)


  • Will writing about the photographs of others bring me greater direction or ambition in my own photography?
  • Will writing about my own photographs lead to a greater understanding of them?
  • Will writing about camera gear allow me to more easily say goodbye to under-used equipment or cause me to seek out new items for future blog posts?
  • Will my unique print sale plans gain traction with the print-buying reader?

Stay tuned, these could haunt me.


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