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Welcome – prediction of blog contents

Pie chart of blog contents

Predicted blog contents by post type

I want this blog to be rich and varied, insightful and enlightening, but it will most likely descend into a stream of conciousness regarding the contents of my camera bag.  Nevertheless, I hope the audience forgives my indulgences and attempts to rationalise and/or reduce the messier side of my photography habit.  So yes, I will write about the decomposition of important photographs, exciting new photographers and mind-blowing photography books.  I will walk the reader through the pain and joy of making photographs, trying to sell a print from time to time. But I will also expose you to the inner monologue that is my attempt to achieve the unarguably incompatible goals of owning every great camera ever made and maintaining both a positive bank balance and a relationship.

Click the thumbnail for my predicted breakdown of blog content by post type.

Oh, and welcome to my blog.

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