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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Leica M8 firmware update 2.whoopdedoo.014

New firmware for the M8?  Excitement!  Miracle. Total listed improvements: Support of the new lens “Leica Super-Elmar-M 21mm/f3.4” Optimization of internal processes Wow.  A new lookup for a $2k lens I’ll never own to correct for corner shading. If Leica can’t expand on ‘optimization of internal processes’, I’m guessing nobody else will have a clue […]

Measures of blog success

I don’t recall the full expansion of the SMART acronym used in goal setting, nor do I care to.  I’m pretty confident about Measurable and Realistic components.  I think Timed is probably a fair bet.  That’ll do for now.  I’m keen to set some measures of success for this blog, some goals.  Time?  All of […]

Welcome – prediction of blog contents

I want this blog to be rich and varied, insightful and enlightening, but it will most likely descend into a stream of conciousness regarding the contents of my camera bag.  Nevertheless, I hope the audience forgives my indulgences and attempts to rationalise and/or reduce the messier side of my photography habit.  So yes, I will write […]